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              Major Component: Derivative of Salicyl Hydroximic Acid

              Molecular Formula: ROH-ROHOH (R-Alkyl or Cycloalkyl)

              Pink to orange plaster of powder, stable, sparingly soluble in water, but freely soluble in alkali solution.

              Principal uses: 
              Under proper conditions, T-610 exhibits better selectivity than Salicyl Hydroximic Acid. T-610 can form stable chelate with tin, tungsten, copper, iron and rare earth etc., but it forms instable chelate with alkali metals and alkali earth metals. Therefore, it displays better selectivity in the flotation process of some metal ores. T-610 exhibits strong selectivity for tin. In the flotation of tin, it is always used in conjunction with P86, and T-610 also exhibits some frothing property. T-610 also exhibits the property of low toxicity, low dosage and wide applicability. 


              Nitrogen % ≥ 3.5
              Life Time (month) 12
              Packing: 120kg/steel drum

              Storage & transport: To be protected from torrid sunlight and fire.

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